Please note: many of these photos available on the following pages have been shared by fellow collectors for my photographic "museum" on the web. If you have any related photos you would like to share, please email me, and I will include a credit to you with your picture(s)

Battlefield Photographs of the G41 Rifle in Action!

Page 1. the Gewehr 41 (Mauser) and Gewehr 41 (Walther)

Many people are interested in why there seem to be many photos available of such rare weapons as the G41. In comparison, G43 photos seem a little harder to find... why is this? A very good reason may be morale. You see, in 1942 and 1943 as G41 rifles appear on the front lines, morale is much higher than it is in say 1944 and 1945 as G/K43 show up. perhaps not so many photos were taken late in the war as the gloom and horror of war and the stacked odds set in. There were more important things to do than take photos. I still have no idea why there seem to be many photos of Italians with G41.

These two images are of Italian troops armed with the Gewehr 41W in 1944. Interestingly, as there are very few photographs of the G41 in use, many of them are with Italian troops. Credits to Giancarlo Ladi of

Yet another photograph of an Italian soldier armed with a G41M. Credits to Darrin Weaver, Hitler's Garands page 25.

Jeff Eberle sends us a fantastic shot from the Warsaw uprising in 1944 of a slung G41M

Here is a cold Russian front photo... taking aim with a rare G41 Mauser. Note the odd sling on this rifle.

Here are some photographs of German troops with the G41W in action. Credits to Darrin Weaver, Hitler's Garands pages 65,66,91 and also Carl Ellingstad.

A German Waffen S.S. soldat armed with a Gew41 Walther with bayonet affixed.

Now we see two German troops carrying G41's!

A German troop with G41 attends to the proper dressing of his comrade!

German troops inspecting a new Walther Gew. 41, note those impressive decorations!

Here we see Canadian troops evaluating a captured G41W in Italy which looks to be of BLM origin. from Peter R. Senich, The German Sniper 1914-1945 page 322.

here is an image sent in by Jeff Eberle showing a German in a trench with a G41W. note the strange pouch on the soldier's belt.

Here we see another wonderful image of a troop with his Gewehr41W, again thanks go out to Jeff Eberle!

Jeff Eberle comes through again (were would we be without his assistance?) on this fantastic March 1944 photo

a good photo of Fallschirmjager troops in France getting some morning milk and showing a G41W!

Here is a photo sent in by Michael Heidler of a very cold and snow covered trenchline most likely in the east. The cold of Russia proved too much for the finnecky G41 gas system.

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